Slam Quest Convention Information

Long Range Hunting with James Eagleman, owner of Barbour Creek Long Range Shooting Academy
Come join James Eagleman, Long Range Master Instructor, as he explains shot placement for long range hunting,
bullet selection, terminal velocity / performance and cartridge selection. He will also discuss the importance of using
a level for long range and mitigating spin drift.

The Legendary Bow Hunters’ Round Table V with the biggest names in archery!
This years’ panel features archers Jack Frost, Tom Hoffman, Tom Miranda, Archie Nesbitt, Nathan Andersohn and Walt
Palmer. Join us for this yearly gathering as we get together with “The Legends of the Draw” for another informal and
open discussion about all things archery. Returning for it’s FIFTH year, the Bowhunters’ Round Table allows GSCO
members an opportunity to interact, obtain insight and learn from the some of the most accomplished archers in the
the hunting world.

An Open Discussion with Jim Shockey, world-renowned hunter and TV host of “Uncharted” and “The Professionals”
Once again, we welcome back Jim Shockey as he offers attendees his unique perspective ...

Welcome to My Nightmare with Walt Palmer, GSCO Archery Super Slammer #15

 It is with great sadness that GSCO must report that our extremely supportive member Walt Palmer WILL NOT be doing a seminar at the 2018 Slam Quest Convention. His seminar was scheduled for Saturday, January 27 from 10 am until 11 am.
We have learned that at least two major media outlets were planning to be at the convention to disrupt not only Walt’s seminar but as many other events as possible. Together with Walt, GSCO made what we consider to be a very wise decision to CANCEL the seminar.
Walt wishes to make it very clear that he appreciates the support he has received from GSCO from the very beginning of the difficulties he was forced to go through for absolutely no reason. He also wishes to convey to the GSCO membership that we will be the very first venue where he will relay his story at the appropriate time. However, that time is not now.

 We look forward to an exciting convention and hope to see you all there.

Long Range Hunting and Ethics with Dan Adler, owner of Diamond Outfitters of Arizona and co-host of The Best of the West TV
Have you ever had to take a shot at an animal over 200 yards? Have you ever used a range finder? Have you ever had
to adjust your shot at a trophy for wind? Well then, you are a long range shooter! Long range rifle system technology
has forever changed the way many hunters operate. GSCO welcomes back,  USAF Veteran Captain & “Expert
Marksman” Dan Adler. Dan is a co-host of The Best of the West TV and owner of Diamond Outfitters of Arizona and
the US Air Force representative for our Veterans Affairs Committee. Join Dan for a “hands on” demonstration of the
training, tips, tactics and techniques required to be an expert hunter at ranges “Beyond Belief”. Standing room only at
SCI for this one, so get there early!

An Open Discussion with Jim Shockey, world-renowned hunter and TV host of “Uncharted”
and “The Professionals”
Once again, we welcome back Jim Shockey as he offers attendees his unique perspective ...

WIne Tasting Event & Seminar with Clive Botha of African Tradition Wines
Limited seating in Pavilion 10. Please purchase $25 Wine Event tickets at Registration.
Join Clive and his son Braam for an afternoon wine tasting and seminar. Attendees will have an opportunity to taste
a variety of wines paired with light cheeses and breads. Clive will present a combination of South African wines as well
as many others. This a nice opportunity to explore new wines, visit some old favorites and experience new flavors.
Seating is limited to only 50 people, so please purchase your event tickets early.

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