Grand Slam Club/Ovis Awards

The Pantheon Award
The Pantheon Award

Presented for the first time at the 2013 GSCO convention, this award symbolizes a new cooperative effort between Grand Slam Club / Ovis and Safari Club International. GSCO and SCI awards are definitely the most desirable in the industry, so it was a natural next move for the two organizations to join forces in recognizing the “Best of the best” world class big game hunters, thus, the Pantheon was born. Individuals who qualify will be inducted into the Pantheon each year.

How was Pantheon chosen as the name for the new GSCO and SCI combined award? The dictionary gives four different definitions for the word Pantheon. One, of course, is “temple.” But the last listed definition is subtle, and a perfect fit for this award: “A group of important people.”

The criteria for the Pantheon are easily defined, but extremely difficult to ultimately accomplish. It takes a lifetime to meet all the requirements for being inducted into the Pantheon. Concerning GSCO’s award family, an individual must reach the highest levels. One must have a Grand Slam of North American Wild Sheep; an Ovis World Slam Super 30 of the world’s mountain sheep; a Capra World Slam Super 30 of the world’s wild goats; and the Super Slam of 29 North American Big Game. SCI’s top objective award is the World Conservation and Hunting Award. The requirements for this SCI award are that members must achieve all SCI Grand Slams, and reach the Diamond Level of ALL Inner Circles. This necessarily dictates that one has traveled to all the hunt-able continents and taken all the major big game of the world.

Now you should be getting the picture of just how difficult the criteria for the Pantheon really are. Free of selection committees, emotions, personalities or any other subjective criteria, the Pantheon is a totally objective award, based solely on an individual’s documented achievements.

Archie Nesbitt   2017 Archie Nesbitt
There have been major discussions over the last couple of years between the GSCO board of directors and several members concerning Pantheon qualifications for bow hunters. Because of international laws and the difficulty of bow hunting for Ovis and Capra trophies, it would have been impossible for a... Click to read more
Jay Link   2017 Jay Link
Jay Link finished all the rquirements for induction into the Pantheon when he completed his Ovis World Slam Super 30 in 2016. Upon doing so, he became the youngest international hunter to ever qualify for induction. Jay started hunting as a very young person in the middle 1980s. He became Grand... Click to read more
Alexander Egorov   2017 Alexander Egorov
2017 Pantheon Inductee Alexander Egorov has the distinction of being the first Russian to be inducted. He completed Grand Slam #1879 and Triple Slam #184 both in 2014. He went on to qualify for the prestigous SCI World Conservation and Hunting Award in 2015 (also the first Russian to acheive this... Click to read more
Jim Shockey   2016 Jim Shockey
Jim Shockey should be a very familiar name to even the most casual of big game hunting followers. Jim is host of one of Outdoor televisions most celebrated programs; Jim Shockey's Outdoor Adventures. He also has operated a successful guiding operation for many years. In spite of these two full... Click to read more
Renee Snider   2016 Renee Snider
Who could be more deserving to forever carry the distinction of "First woman ever inducted into the Pantheon" than hunting Legend Renee Snider (CA)? By now Renee should be getting accustomed to such accolades as she was also the first lady to ever receive the presigious Weatherby Award and is the... Click to read more
Bela Hidvegi   2016 Bela Hidvegi
2016 Pantheon inductee Bela Hidvegi completed his Super Slam of North American Big Game to complete the requirements for the pantheon. TheSuper Slam is a formidable challenge for any hunter having to travel from Hungary to North America many times made it all the more challenging for Bela Hidvegi.... Click to read more
Alain Smith   2015 Alain Smith
Just like the other two inductees for 2015, it is pretty simple to describe Alain’s accomplishments. For example, he was the Weatherby Award winner for 2013, and won the Conklin Award for this year. He completed the Ovis World Slam Super 30 in 2014 and the Capra World Slam Super 30 in 2012. He did... Click to read more
Hossein (Soudy) Golabchi   2015 Hossein (Soudy) Golabchi
It is really not difficult to describe this man’s qualifications. For example, he is one of only five people to have completed the Ovis World Slam Super 40, and he did that way back in 2004. As for the Capra World Slam Super 30, he got that done in 2012 and it features his world record mid-Asian... Click to read more
Kenneth Barr   2015 Kenneth Barr
Ken Barr, who coincidentally also won the 2015 Ovis, has obviously hunted the world and done an amazing amount of mountain hunting. In addition he received SCI’s World Conservation and Hunting Award in 2009, and he was also the 2012 recipient of the Conklin Award. He completed his Ovis World... Click to read more
Rex Baker   2014 Rex Baker
It is hard to even begin the recognition narrative for Rex Baker because of his extensive hunting background. For all practical purposes he has always specialized in mountain hunting, beginning with his Grand Slam #253, completed in 1978 just two years after he took his first ram. Rex had actually... Click to read more
Dennis Campbell   2014 Dennis Campbell
Dennis Campbell began hunting with his father as a boy and took his first whitetail deer at age 12. He has continued to passionately hunt whitetails in Alabama every season to this day. His first big game hunt outside Alabama was the year after his graduation from pharmacy school. That was in 1977... Click to read more
Hubert Thummler   2013 Hubert Thummler
Hubert Thummler did not get involved with GSCO until the year 2000. He had been extremely involved with SCI and other organizations before that. When GSCO did appear on his radar, he became a very prolific reporter of his hunting exploits. He completed Grand Slam #1033 in 1989, but did not... Click to read more
Ed Yates   2013 Ed Yates
Ed Yates (right) is one of the two inaugural inductees into the PANTHEON. Ed Yates did not begin to hunt extensively until the later years of his executive business career, so he had to pack a lifetime of hunting into a much shorter period of time than most who will eventually be inducted into the... Click to read more
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