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The Ovis Award
The Ovis Award

The Ovis World Slam is the taking, under fair chase and ethical circumstances, at least 12 of the world’s wild mountain sheep. The Grand Slam of North American rams is naturally included, but North Americans by necessity have to travel to some of the most difficult-to-get-to parts of the world to accomplish this milestone. By the same token, it is almost imperative that those from other continents cross the oceans to get to the North American wild sheep to accomplish this feat. All in all, to take 12 of these magnificent creatures has to be considered a lifetime achievement.

Ed Yates   2017 Ed Yates
Ed Yates has certainly set himself apart in recent years as one of the world’s premier mountain hunters. From GSCO’s records, we find that Ed began his mountain hunting career only some twenty-one years ago. However, once Ed got the mountain hunting bug, he has gone full tilt, as some might say.... Click to read more
Gary Rigotti   2016 Gary Rigotti
Over the years, we have had two or three recipients of the OVIS who simply dedicated themselves to the mountains for practically 90 percent of their hunting time. Gary Rigotti joins that rank, as his passion has run extremely deep. Africa and some of the other continents have called, but Gary... Click to read more
Kenneth Barr   2015 Kenneth Barr
2015 Ovis recipient Kenneth Barr was both shocked and humbled to hear his name announced from the stage of the 11th annual Slam Quest Convention. Ken is pictured here with fellow OVIS recipients Hossein (Soudy) Golabchi (L) and Alan Means (R). Ken Barr has certainly set himself apart in recent... Click to read more
Hector Cuellar   2014 Hector Cuellar
2014 Ovis recipient Hector Cuellar is all smiles as he poses with the Ovis bronze. As is customary, Hector was joined on stage by all the previous Ovis recipients. Pictured here (L-R) are Alan Means, Rex Baker, Hector and Renee Snider. To say that 2014 Ovis recipient Hector Cuellar is an... Click to read more
Renee Snider   2013 Renee Snider
Looking at the beaming faces of her colleagues, it's hard to judge who is enjoying the moment more, 2013 Ovis Recipient Renee Snider or the past reciepients that joined her on stage for the presentation. Pictured with Renee are Butch White (L) and Tom Hoffman (L) Renee Snider offers a humble... Click to read more
Maylon T White   2012 Maylon T White
Malon T "Butch" White was awarded the 2012 Ovis AND the 2012 Legend award, becoming the first-ever recipient of both. Butch White certainly began his hunting career at an early age. He was just a youngster in 1950 when he bagged a Colorado muley. He began sheep hunting in the early 1950s as well, as... Click to read more
Alan Means   2011 Alan Means
A humbled Alan Means receives the OVIS trophy from GSCO board member Hugh Jacks. Alan was recognized as the 2011 OVIS recipient at the 7th Annual Hunter and Outfitter Convention in Las Vegas. If we had to give an Ovis nickname to Alan Means, it would have to be “Mister Stone Sheep.” This man... Click to read more
Butch Kuflak   2009 Butch Kuflak
2009 Ovis recipient Butch Kuflak can't hide the elation as he receives the beautiful Rick Taylor Bronze from fellow GSCO board members Hugh Jacks (L) and Dale Martin (R). Butch Kuflak grew up on the sandy shores of southern California. As a young man, his only hunts were for bathing beauties and... Click to read more
Archie Nesbitt   2008 Archie Nesbitt
Archie Nesbitt completed his Archery Grand Slam in March 2000 with a desert sheep to become the fourteenth person to do so. All totaled, Archie has ten archery-taken North American rams to his credit. The first one dates to 1982, and he has three Dalls, three Stones and three bighorns, with his one... Click to read more
Tom Hoffman   2008 Tom Hoffman
2008 Ovis Recipients Archie Nesbitt (left center) and Tom Hoffman (right center) are flanked by GSCO board members Dale Martin and Dennis Campbell on the left and Francis Bouchard and Hugh Jacks on the right. Tom Hoffman completed his first Grand Slam on November 28, 1985. He was only the second... Click to read more
Rex Baker   2007 Rex Baker
The 2007 Ovis recipient is just as worthy as our previous five honorees. This man is not only one of the world's greatest mountain sheep and goat hunters, but he is a long-proven wildlife conservationist. Rex Baker of Marietta, Georgia has been a world sheep and goat hunter practically since he... Click to read more
Dr Robert (Bob) Speegle   2006 Dr Robert (Bob) Speegle
When considering the next recipient of the Ovis, the challenge for the selection committee seemed to be great. However, about mid-year, when ballots began to be tallied, it became obvious that the 2006 Ovis recipient would once again be a most deserving one. The Ovis has always been presented as a... Click to read more
Jesús Yurén   2005 Jesús Yurén
The 2005 Ovis is being presented to Senor Jesus Yuren of Mexico City, Mexico. Jesus Yuren completed his Grand Slam in 1978 with a Stone sheep from British Columbia. He completed a second Grand Slam in 1989, again with a BC Stone. His Ovis World Slam was completed in 1989 with a Dagestan (Eastern)... Click to read more
Ron Carey   2004 Ron Carey
The third annual Ovis went to a most deserving person: Ronald D. Carey of Alberta, Canada. Ron has dedicated his hunting life to the mountain animals of the highest places and is tremendously accomplished as a mountain hunter. Ron has a total of 32 different species/subspecies of wild sheep. He has... Click to read more
Hossein (Soudy) Golabchi   2003 Hossein (Soudy) Golabchi
The second annual Ovis was presented on January 25, 2003. The recipient was Hossein Golabchi of Augusta, Georgia, better known by his nickname of Soudy. Soudy Golabchi was born in Iran, but emigrated to the U.S. as a young man. He is the owner of the highly successful Golmar Construction and... Click to read more
Donald Cox   2002 Donald Cox
The selection committee had an easy time of it for the inaugural Ovis presentation. There was one person who stood out so dramatically that it made the selection an obvious one. The recipient was MR. DONALD G COX of Detroit, Michigan. Don was born November 4, 1921, and married Barbara in 1941. Don... Click to read more
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